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The Classic Car Travel Guide is the perfect match of classic cars and road trips.

We’ve traveled to six continents to bring you the top classic car sights and road trip ideas in the world.

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Car museums

We highlight classic Car Museums where you can see your favorite cars, trucks, tractors, and more.

Road trips

If you like classic cars, then you definitely like taking Road Trips. We provide tips for some classic journeys by car.


Carhenge NebraskaThere are many Attractions related to classic cars, like Carhenge in Nebraska, that we showcase here.

Book reviews

Book review Cars of Harley EarlWant to read more? We provide Book Reviews for some of our favorite books about classic cars and roads trips.

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Classic Car Travel Guide

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Recently I was checking out classic car books at the local library when I came across one that I’ve never seen...

Featured Vehicle 

1948 Tucker

Tupelo Automobile Museum

Tupelo, Mississippi

Tucker Tupelo Auto Museum www.ClassicCarTravelGuide.com

The Tucker 48 is one of the most legendary cars out there. Only 51 were produced by Preston Tucker before the company imploded for various reasons; one of which was an SEC investigation for which he was later exonerated.

The example show here is Tucker #1028. It’s located at the Tupelo Automobile Museum in Elvis Presley’s Mississippi birthplace. The rear-engine car is displayed with its doors, trunk, and hood open to allow curious visitors a good look at the upscale interior touches, in particular the side-mounted push button radio and padded dashboard. 

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